How to Write Your Why Statement

Once you have discovered your true calling in life you want to create a WHY statement around it. Your WHY statement needs to be compelling because you want to use it to motivate you every day, so you do the things that give you fulfillment in your life.

There are a number of formats that you can use to write your WHY statement, but it is up to you how you want to write it. There are no hard and fast rules here. The most important thing is that your WHY statement really resonates with you.

What Makes up a Why Statement?

Your WHY statement need to be concise. It also has to be clear, not just for you but also for others. So we strongly recommend that you include these 4 elements in your WHY statement:

1. Make your WHY statement clear and simple.

It is really important that your WHY statement provides you with clarity about your life’s purpose. It needs to be simple to understand and as concise as you can make it. At the end of the day it needs to make sense and resonate with you.

2. Your WHY statement needs to promote action.

Your WHY statement must inspire action. There is no point just writing a WHY statement and then do nothing with you. It needs to inspire you to work towards your true calling in life and motivate you to work on this every day.

3. Include your Contribution to others in your WHY

If you can help others then you will help yourself. Every good WHY statement needs a contribution element to it so make sure that yours does as well. Having a contribution element will inspire you to move forward each day.

4. Make your WHY statement positive and ensure it
resonates with you.

It will actually be pretty difficult for you to create a WHY statement that is negative but ensure that it is really positive. When you read your WHY statement it needs to resonate with you and motivate you to take action towards your life’s purpose.

How long should your WHY Statement be?

Again there are no strict rules to follow here. Your WHY statement needs to be as long as you need it to be. Having said that we recommend that you keep your WHY statement as short as you can.

The most important thing is that your WHY statement contains the 4 important elements that we discussed above. While others may be able to write their WHY statement in one sentence this may not be enough for you. This doesn’t matter at all so please do not concern yourself with this.

Aim for an Evergreen WHY Statement

An evergreen WHY statement is one that you will not have to change very often, if at all. You want to use your WHY statement in all aspects of your life both in your work and personal life.

When you are writing your WHY statement, think about it as a way to express the value that you provide to others at work and in your personal life. There is no need for you to write two WHY statements to cover this.

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