Hello! I'm Clarice.

God did it for me. He can do it for YOU.

You may now be at a crossroad, and you’re having a hard time deciding about your life’s direction.

Maybe you’re fresh out of college, and you’re still trying to make sense of the new things around. You’re asking yourself, “What do I do now?” or “What’s next for me?”. You feel lost and confused.

Or maybe you want to do many things, that it’s difficult for you to figure out exactly what you want in life. You’re asking yourself many questions: “Which option do I choose?” or “Which decision will lead me to the right path?”. You could even be wary of making a wrong choice.

Maybe you’re someone who has many interests, and it’s difficult for you to let go of any of them. Yet you haven’t found a way to fit all these things in your life. And it’s making you feel anxious.

Some of you may have been seeking for quite some time now, and you’re already be tired because you’re still wondering when your “big break” would ever come.

If you can relate to any of these things, then so can I. Because those are all me at one point in my life.

My journey toward finding my life purpose has been long and wonderful. I’ve embarked on different adventures that led me to study “hoteliering”, do development work, dream of studying education, and eventually becoming a teacher. I’ve also done training and curriculum work, and dabbled with writing and events planning. And of course, I also do coaching.

To an observer, my life story is an aimless wandering through different things, hopping from one job to another. I never fit into society’s expectations of a stable career, and that really frustrated me. I was trying so hard to be like everyone else, and that it only frustrated me even more. This went on for years…

Until I realized that every single thing that I did was a piece of a great story that God was unfolding before me. And it was okay that I wasn’t fitting into anyone’s idea of what life should be like, because I’ve embraced on my uniqueness and allow myself to enjoy God’s great adventure for me.

My Passion

I am ready to help young women like you find your purpose in life, and go from distracted to decided, from confused from committed, from stuck to soaring, and really from being just felling lost to finally be living the life you were created to live.

I can help you if you want to:
– discover your purpose in life
– clarify your personal vision
– make career decisions
– understand the transition you’re in
– ease into a new season

You may also be someone who:
– has lost your focus
– think that life is okay, but there should be more to life than just being okay.
– or you could be feeling a great sense of discontent that’s keeping you awake at night, thinking and worrying about your future. 

If any of these is you, then let me help you go through this time of transition, change, or new beginnings.

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