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I love superhero movies.

Superhero movies make me happy.

It just so happy watching ordinary people suddenly able to save the world. These superheroes fight bad guys – bad guys who find pleasure in seeing people suffer. They come in at just the right time, cool and composed, confident in doing their jobs.

I guess I just like the idea that someone who once was insecure and obscure, lost and confused, is now out there saving the world. I think is pretty awesome watching these superheroes do their thing using their superpowers.

We all have superpowers. This means that we all have to potential to become “a super that saves the day”. Sadly, many people don’t know this. There are quite a few who have an inkling that they could actually do something great, but they don’t fully know what it is.

God has given you a unique set of talents and gifts that you can use to make other people’s lives so much better. That is your superpower. As you utilize these gifts for the good of others, you will eventually gain success, fulfillment, and joy.

Deep Dive into Superpower Discovery
If you have no idea what your superpower is, let me coach you through the process of discovering your talents and gifting. Together, let’s discover your special strength and come up with a plan for using it really well.

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